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Anonymous asked
Your blog, as a remediation of my favorite band's lyrics, is an amazing tribute to Brand New. Thanks for that

You are most welcome!!  Glad you like it :)

calltheicio asked
Fuck yeah Brand New love! Seeing them in July in Philadelphia but I'm still deciding on whether I should go to Boston calling in May. Hmm...

We will be at the Philly show!  I was strongly debating Boston Calling but idk if I can swing it :(

Anonymous asked
i don't think another blog on tumblr claiming he's married is a solid confirmation, lol

Ok look, we love getting messages from all of you, seriously, but this blog is for Brand New appreciation, not speculating on Jesse’s personal life.  Whether or not he is married doesn’t make a difference to Jenna or I, we just hope that he, and the rest of the band are happy.  With that, let’s put the debate to rest and get back to the Brand New love :)

yessizzabarca asked
Where can I get sold out tickets to see brand new in Indiana? I NEED to go 😩😁💕


about-his-youth asked
Bruh cant believe Jess is married? does he wear a ring? also thats deffo a reason I'd say for BN's complacency with not putting shit out since 2009.


unless he’s been flashing that wedding band just to trick y’all cock mongers he’s tied down.

no but for real. he is. i don’t think for that long, though. def not since ‘09.

vin’s tied up and brian’s got a long term lady, too.

garrett is just weird.

and that’s all i have to say about that.





I just want Brand New to know that they have fans even in other continents not just in North America and they are just as desperately want to hear and see them live just like american fans

They’re currently playing in the uk and Europe. I think they know.
No argument. I do hope you get the opportunity.